Future President Barack Obama

After the election on tuesday, there has been a huge onslaught of political opinion floating the internet, including mine. Most of them have completley set me on fire because they all lean one way or the other. All the Obama supporters are completely ecstatic and the McCain supporters think that the world will completely come to an end. I was and am not a supporters of either. But that is not the point. I dont believe that Obama is evil nor do i think that he is the anti-christ. I dont believe that he is a radical Islamistic that is going to all of a sudden become Osama bin Laden. I think that he down played his Muslim background because America is too stupid to realize that about 90% or whatever of the Islamic community is not radical and is actually very open to others believes and dont force their views on people as some christians are known to do.  The perception of this radicalism is completely conrolled by the media that is controlled by a group of people that want you to believe that.

i do fall into the catagory of a skeptic, however. I am unsure if Obama will have the experience to justly do what he believes. There isnt politically experience there what so ever. I really think that the partial need for the armed services is based on the feat that this “ruling hand” has created to tell us that we do need it but none the less experience is still needed.

In the days before Obama was even contemplating the presidency, at least publically, i saw him as an aspiring leader that wanted Americans to step up and ask for what they believed in and deserved.  I have never had a bad feeling about him to the point where i thought the world will be over and i should move to another country, i just think that his work is too premature for the responsibility that is to come. I think maybe it was better he just motivated the people and didnt do the changing.

And one last comment before i close this entry. MLK once said “I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.” Black Americans are celebrating every where with their ‘victory’ and indeed it is a victory. its a strech that i am sure that MLK himself would love to see and be apart of the celebration but shouldnt we still base our judgement on character and not what race a person is. I think that Luther meant for us to be color-blind, not set divide ourselves based on the color.